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    Wholesale Weissbier Beer Supplier , aka Weizenbier, aka Weißbier is a larger category of German wheat beers, related to American Wheat Ales and Belgian Witbier. If you’ve been to a German beer hall recently, chances are you’ve encountered a Weissbier

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    A hefeweizen is the beer of Bavaria: a refreshing wheat beer characterised by mild aromas of clove and bananas. This is a beer to be supped from a long weissbier glass in the summer sun. Franziskaner is one of the world’s finest examples of the style and the fact that it is now in six-litre PerfectDraft kegs makes us very happy indeed. The brewery itself can trace its heritage back to 1397; amazing to consider when you’re pouring a PerfectDraft hefeweisse from a little machine at a barbecue. To Purchase Weissbier Beer Online Contact Us


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