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    Fulfill each hankering with 3 assortments of reduced down bars: exemplary milk, divine dim, and liberal white. Each is made with rich Swiss Chocolate and Toblerone Signature nectar almond nougat.

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    Toblerone Chocolate is the ideal treat for family, companions, associates, or yourself. Appreciate one as an evening jolt of energy or as a straightforward and liberal treat.

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    Each serving of chocolate is just 210 calories and liberated from trans fat.

    Unmistakably delectable chocolate-darlings wherever savor the experience of the wantonness of Toblerone. From a basic pastry to a light in between meal to an insightful blessing, Stocking Stuffer, Halloween shock, or Easter bin expansion, each event calls for Toblerone. Mix it up bundle of Toblerone minuscule Swiss chocolates to your truck for basic guilty pleasures.

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    100% Kosher Dairy. Under the exacting oversight of OK-Kosher

    Produced using delectably wanton fixings, Toblerone’s swiss chocolate is a pleasure for any chocolate darling. Your taste buds will delight in the flavor of Toblerone’s remarkable nectar and almond nougat.

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    The Tastiest Triangle. With its chocolate tops and indisputable three-sided bundling, TOBLERONE is perhaps the most perceived chocolate bars around. Be that as it may, more particular than its shape is the flavor of smooth Swiss chocolate and TOBLERONE’s unmistakable nectar almond nougat. Unmistakably heavenly chocolate-sweethearts wherever get a kick out of the wantonness of Toblerone. From a straightforward treat to a light in between meal to an insightful blessing, Stocking Stuffer, Halloween shock.

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    Made with fine fixings, this connoisseur European chocolate will stir your taste buds. Particularly Iconic. Offer the superior taste of TOBLERONE Swiss chocolate. These restricted release chocolate bars and their famous yellow bundling make for insightful stocking stuffers, occasion endowments, care bundle augmentations, and the sky is the limit from there! From a basic pastry to an evening treat, each event calls for TOBLERONE. To Purchase Toblerone Chocolates Online Contact us


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