Tic Tac Fresh Breath Mints, Big Berry Adventure Foe Delivery

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    Wholesale Tic Tac Exporter  Refreshment just got bolder with Tic Tac X-Freeze, each pack delivers an intensely cooling burst, perfect for meeting your in-laws, saying ‘Hi!’ to a stranger, or doing something bold. Pop one in for all the confidence that comes with a strong sugar-free mint. Refreshing moments are just a Tic Tac away.

    Wholesale Tic Tac Distributor\Supplier\Exporter

    • New Strong Mint flavor sugar free breath mints
    • You will receive (12) .7 oz single packs of hard candy breath mints, 30 Strong Mint mints per pack
    • Tic Tac X-FREEZE mint has a smooth, strong coating on the outside and cooling crystals on the inside that create an intense, refreshing and long-lasting experience
    • Keep Tic Tac mints in a pocket, purse, car, drawer or desk for an intense refreshment anytime anywhere
    • The pack is convenient and easy to open, perfect for on-the-go sharing and enjoyment

    Bulk Tic Tac Distributor\Supplier\Exporter Online

    What’s fun, delicious and always refreshing? Tic Tac, of course! These sweet, cool little mints have been big favorites. That’s because they pack a whole lot of flavor and refreshment into a tiny size. Best of all, the convenient on-the-go pack makes them easy to share…and ready to travel anywhere.

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    • You will receive (4) 3.4 oz bottle packs of Tic Tac fresh breath mints, Orange (each bottle contains 200 mints)
    • Refreshment in a tiny mint
    • Sweet, fun and flavorful — perfect anytime
    • Pop n’ share pack is perfect for on-the-go sharing and enjoyment
    • Bulk individually wrapped Orange hard candy mint packs. To Purchase Demand Buy Order HQ Cheap Tic Tac Online Contact us 


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