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    The Blanc de Blancs of Ruinart is a Champagne exclusively made with Chardonnay. This cuvee is faithful to the spirit of the House of Ruinart, combining great purity with refinement in a singular bottle. Wholesale Ruinart Blancs Distributor

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    The Ruinart Blanc de Blancs presents a pale golden color in the glass with a fine steam of bubbles arriving to the surface. This is an elegant and festive wine. The nose is fresh and fruity. The Champagne region is beautifully represented here by aromas of citrus, pear, apricot and white flowers. On the palate, this Blanc de Blancs is pure, clear and precise. It balances an invigorating freshness with a delicious roundness. A Champagne of a great conviviality! Wholesale Ruinart Blancs Distributor

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    Presented in a stylish parcel, the trio gift box features three half-bottles of champagne Ruinart’s premium cuaces: Ruinart R de Ruinart, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, and Ruinart Rosac. The best way to discover Champagne terroir! R de Ruinart non- vintage is a skilful blend of wines made from Chardonnay (40 %) Pinot Noir grapes (60%) and a quarter reserve wine. It is a golden, lively, fruity champagne with subtle aromas of white fruits, which make it an excellent aperitif or the ideal accompaniment for a meal at which champagne is the only wine served. To Purchase Ruinart Blancs Champagne Online contact us


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