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    wholesale Rugenbrau Beer supplier Rugenbräu is sincere, fresh-tasting beer from the Bernese Oberland – and a commitment to excellence upheld and handed down through generations.

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    Unser meistgetrunkenes und international beliebtes Bier, für den Stammtisch und den grossen Durst. alc. 4,8% Vol. Einweg: 33cl Flasche, im 6er- und 10er-Pack sowie 20er-Harass Einweg: 50cl Dose Mehrweg: 50cl-Flasche, im 10er- und 20er-Harass Partyfass: 5, 10 und 20 L Offenausschank: 20 L Container Offenausschank: 50 L Container

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    In the year of 1866 in Interlaken,  Christian Indermühle,  started a brewery, from which his sons Carl and Albert eventually took over on his death in 1875. In 1880 after taking on too much debt the brothers converted the brewery into a public limited company, to help ease costs and the day to day running of the company.

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    From there, in 1892, the brewery was acquired by the Bavarian brew-master Joesph Hofweber. Hofweber already owned the successful Schloss Reichenbach brewery and eventually in 1968 the name Rugenbräu was given to the long standing family brewery, which has remained in family ownership for well over a hundred years. To Purchase Rugenbrau Beer Online Contact us


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