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    • 12% real juice
    • Real mandarin orange pulp
    • Sparkling water
    • Nothing artificial
    • Enjoy au naturel or mix it into a cocktail!


    It’s here! the original, all-natural, sparkling, citrus refresher from France – Orangina. Just shake, pop, and sip to enjoy it au naturel, or mix it into a cocktail. Magnifique! Either way, Orangina is just the subtly sweet citrus sunshine you need to shake up the everyday – every day.


    Launched in 1936 and recognized around the world in its small bulby bottle, Orangina brings the unique flavor of the Mediterranean through its authentic taste of oranges with real fruit pulp and natural orange zest in a sparkling fruit drink. Today, Orangina is enjoyed by millions of consumers of all ages in more than 60 countries.

    With its unique tradition of shaking the bottle before drinking to mix the juices and fruit inside, Orangina successfully launched in Japan in 2012 and has been enjoyed by many consumers since. To Purchase Orangina Orange Online contact us


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