MILKY WAY 21.5G Big Chocolate Bar with Nuts Express Delivery

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    Wholesale Milky Way Exporter chocolate covered wafer biscuit fingers with a lightly whipped filling. A firm family favorite for decades, the Milky Way bar has a light whipped centre covered in tasty milk chocolate. Lighten up and play with Milky Way!Milky Way Crispy Rolls are the super satisfying Milky Way bars blended with a crisp biscuit, rolled into a tasty treat that will leave you wanting more.

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    Milk chocolate covered wafer biscuit fingers with a lightly whipped filling.

    Product Type Chocolate
    Type Milky Way Bar Chocolate
    Color Brown
    Certification HALAL
    Shelf Life 12 Months
    Weight (kg) 450 gr, 750 gr, 1 kg
    Brand Name Milky
    Additional Ingredient Nut

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    Smooth WAY Chocolate Candy Bars are unadulterated enjoyment with less calories than a normal full-size bar. Each singles size chocolate treat is made with smooth caramel, rich nougat and genuine milk chocolate to charm your taste buds and fulfill your adoration for chocolate. One of these lower-confections is incredible as an evening treat or basic pastry. Carry a case to attempt to impart to your collaborators. These chocolate bars are a superb interruption that everybody will cherish.

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    Treat yourself to a tasty, great chocolate experience. Single Size MILKY WAY Milk Chocolate Candy Bars are made with velvety caramel and smooth nougat and enrobed in rich milk chocolate. These distractingly flavorful, exclusively wrapped chocolate bars are incredible for imparting to associates and companions, gifting or dropping to deceive or treaters on Halloween. There’s no incorrect method to appreciate MILKY WAY Candy Bars. to purchase HQ Milky Way Online contact us

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