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    Flavorful Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Confection with Whole Hazelnuts, imported from Europe. Store in a cool and dry spot.

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    Straight From the Alpines For over 120 years, just 100% Alpine milk has been utilized to make Milka’s Milk Chocolate. Sourced from family-run ranches in the Alpine district and lower regions, this milk is the thing that gives the chocolate its famous taste and sensitive surface. Milka’s great cocoa is reasonably sourced in association with the Cocoa Life program, causing for a flavorful and to feel great chocolate experience. Find Milka Allow yourself to be diverted by fragile Alpine Milk Chocolate. These connoisseur European chocolate bars are ideal for any event.

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    Milka grouped chocolate pack incorporates haphazardly chosen smash hit flavors: Alpine Milk, OREO, Hazelnuts, White Chocolate, Yogurt, Strawberry Jogurt, Happy Cow, Raisins and Nuts, Daim, Whole Hazelnuts, Milka LU, MIlka TUC, Ahoy, Cherry Filling, Raspberry filling, Choco Oreo, Noisette, Caramel filling, Peanut Crispy Caramel and new impending flavors.

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    Never any chocolate copies in a single bundle ensured!

    Loosen up after supper, unwind with a midafternoon treat, or offer some Alpine goodness with loved ones. This mass chocolate assortment pack contains 10 – 3.52 oz Milka chocolate bars (Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate and Milka Wholenut Hazelnut Chocolate).

    MILKA 100g Chocolate Available diferent types: Alpen Milk, Yoghurt White Caramel Strawberry Yoghurt Happy Cow Toffee Cream Raspberry Cherry Oreo Daim Chips Ahoy Wholehazelnuts etc. If you have any question feel free to conntact us. To Purchase Buy Order Demand Cheap Best HQ Milka Chocolate\Milk Online Contact us


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