Mentos Pure Fresh Sugar-Free Chewing Gum with Xylitol, Fresh Mint,

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    Wholesale Mentos Chewing Gum The hard outer shell of these refreshing fruit Mentos dissolves in your mouth, revealing the chewy candy inside. Mixed fruit flavors.

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    Have a fresh day with Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum! Mentos Pure Fresh, resealable stand-up bulk bag includes 120 pieces of Fresh Mint flavored chewing gum. Each piece of this sugar-free, Fresh Mint flavored gum gives you a blast of fresh flavor that lasts chew after chew. Sugar-free for a guilt-free flavor sensation! The resealable stand-up bulk bag keeps gum fresh and is great for refilling your Mentos gum bottles. Mentos Gum is also available in other great flavors: Cinnamon, Watermelon, Grape Medley, Red Fruit Lime, Bubble Fresh, Cotton Candy, Spearmint, Wintergreen, and Sweet Mint.

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    Make a New Fresh Connection with the Perfect Pack

    It’s never been easier to make fresh connections with Mentos gum. The unique curvy bottle is perfect for your desk or in the car, while the pocket bottle and wallet pack are great for your purse or pocket.

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    Keep the resealable bag at home to refill your favorite size. With so many convenient options, share the refreshing flavor of Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free* gum with all the fresh connections you make today.

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    • CONTENTS: One resealable bulk bag of Mentos Pure Fresh sugar-free chewing gum, Fresh Mint (120 pieces)
    • FRESHNESS: Blast of refreshing, long lasting Mint flavor chew after chew
    • FREE OF: Sugar

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    • XYLITOL: Number one ingredient is xylitol, which may help reduce the risk of tooth decay
    • EXTRA VALUE PACK: Mentos 120 piece resealable stand-up bulk gum bag keeps your favorite gum fresh! Great to use for refilling your Mentos curvy, pocket and velcro packs! To Purchase Buy Order Demand Cheap HQ Mentos Chewing Gum Online Contact us


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