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    Wholesale Krug Champagne Supplier Krug’s superb 2006 Brut, which will be released this year, numbers among the vintage’s high points, unfurling in the glass with a complex and expressive bouquet of tarte tatin, warm biscuits, ginger, honeycomb, dried white flowers, smoke and toasted nuts.

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    On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, broad and textural, with a fleshy attack that reflects the warm vintage but segues into a beautifully vibrant palate that’s deep and surprisingly reserved, displaying superb definition, delicately chalky structure and a long, lively finish.

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    While this is a powerful vintage Krug, it’s also beautifully balanced and will give immense pleasure for decades. Wholesale Krug Champagne Supplier

    Marvelous. Burnished to an orange-gold color, this rosé evokes a complex palette of gingerbread, coffee, fig compote, orange peel and smoke flavors, all enmeshed in the supple texture and graceful harmony.

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    Fades gently on the palate over the course of several minutes.

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    Type: White

    Producer: Krug

    Varietal: Champagne

    Country: France

    Region: Champagne

    Size: F – 750 m

    Bin: D7413 . To Purchase Krug Champagne Online Contact us


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