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    Wholesale Berliner-Kindl Beer Supplier the Berliner-Schultheiss brewery in January 2006 a new brewery created under the name “Berliner Kindl-Schultheiss-Brauerei GmbH” one of the largest breweries in the Berlin area. Since then they have brewed the Kindl range alongside more mainstream brands such as Berliner Pilsner.

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    Product Name Berliner Kindl Pilsner
    Style Lager, Pils, Helles
    Returnable Deposit Yes
    Brewery Name Berliner Kindl
    Country Germany
    ABV 5.0%
    Unit Size 20x50cl
    Product Listing Rotational
    Connector Type N/A

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    Light golden in color.  Characteristically yeasty and finely sparkling, yet wonderfully fresh and slightly hopped, sour with a light bodied wheat character. To Order HQ Berliner-Kindl Beer Online Contact Us


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