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wholesale confectionery supplier has been the World s leading confectionery wholesaler since 2015 and we can supply you with all your wholesale Natural Water , BABY MILK , Hygiene , Royal Canin , Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee , Whey-Protein , Whisky , Champagne Supplier , Confectionery Supplier , Energy drinks supplier and bulk confectionery needs from our online wholesale in addition to our many confectionery cash and carries across the WORLD. We supply all manner of independent businesses from specialist confectionery shops, general retailers and many other types of confectionery business.


Our range of online wholesale sweets and confectionery includes: 

  • Kingsway pick and mix sweets
  • Traditional and retro sweets
  • Haribo sweets
  • Childrens sweets, be they fizzy, sour or gummy!
  • Boiled sweets
  • Vegetarian and Halal sweets
  • Liquorice sweets
  • Sugar free sweets

wholesale confectionery supplier stocks many hundreds of bulk pick and mix confectionery and in fact our cash and carries can offer you more than 5,000 branded and own label confectionery products under one roof. We can provide wholesale confectionery in jars, bulk per pallet  , even empty sweet jars so that you can create your own bespoke range.

We can provide businesses with a number of different display stands including the ever popular wholesale confectionery supplier pick n mix stand, the Share Bag stand and the 3 for 99p stand. Each can help you to better display a range of bulk or confectionery supplier in your store, helping to boost your confectionery sales.

Our online wholesale sweets shop at wholesaleconfectionerysupplier.com offers you the ability to order a specific range of our most popular bulk sweets online and have your sweet supplies delivered direct to your business within 48 hours. If you are located within reach of one of our confectionery cash and carries, come and see the biggest range of wholesale confectionery in the World !

How you choose to buy from wholesale confectionery supplier , we are the ideal place to buy your confectionery supplies from, offering you a massive range of bulk sweets and confectionery coupled with friendly service, competitive prices and generations of confectionery knowledge to help you build your confectionery business. To Purchase Bulk Confectionery Online Contact Uc

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